Stable Elements With the Highest Densities


Elements with the highest densities at near room temperature and pressure are as follows:

1- Osmium (Os) with ρ= 22.59 g cm-3

2- Iridium (Ir) with ρ= 22.56 g cm-3

3- Platinum (Pt) with ρ= 21.5 g cm-3

4- Rhenium (Re) with ρ= 20.8 g cm-3

5- Neptunium (Np) with ρ= 20.2 g cm-3

6- Plutonium (Pu) with ρ= 19.7 g cm-3

7- Gold (Au) with ρ= 19.3 g cm-3

8- Tungsten (W) with ρ= 19.3 g cm-3

9- Uranium (U) with ρ= 19.1 g cm-3

10- Tantalum (Ta) with ρ= 16.4 g cm-3

This list doesn’t consider unstable radioactive elements with short half-life such as hassium (Hs, Z=108) whose density is predicted to be 40.7 g cm-3.




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