A Conversation About Sulfuric Acid


TVNews: Industrial reports reveal that the annual global production of sulfuric acid has reached about 250 million tonnes. Sulfuric acid, well-known among chemistry students for its strong acidic nature, is a very important commodity chemical with numerous applications.

Triflic acid (CF3SO3H): I am so proud of our family, we are the strongest acids.

Fluoroantimonic acid (H2FSbF6): Nope, you are not, the legend is here.

Water: Anyway, you must remember that upon mixing, you should add it to me not vice-versa.

Venus planet: I have rains made of it, come and get it if you can!

Nitric acid (HNO3): I thought I am an acid, a strong one once for all, until sulfuric acid showed me that basic nature inside me.

Sugar: That bad boy gets out all my water.

Alchemist: Where do they find that volume of vitriol required producing such amounts of oil of vitriol?

John Roebuck: No such a problem when you have the chamber process.

Peregrine Phillips: and yet not the best solution when you can have the contact process.


This is a funny conversation about sulfuric acid. Can you make sense of all talks in this conversation?




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