Professional Nanoputians


Professional Nanoputians are alternatives of Nanoputian (Nanokid) which differ in the head part. The above images show us NanoAthlete, NanoBaker, NanoChef, NanoGreenBeret, NanoJester, NanoMonarch, NanoPilgrim, NanoScholar and NanoTexan. Inspection of their molecular structures can easily show that these names are based on what molecular structure resembles. Usual practice for synthesis of these Nanoprofessionals is an acetal exchange reaction for Nanokid with the suitable diol using microwave irradiation for several minutes in the presence of p-toluenesulfonic acid as catalyst. It is important to consider that the favorite depiction of professional Nanoputians in the way that correlates with their names is not necessarily their most stable conformation.




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