Trends in Global Sulfuric-acid Production and also Fun with Chemistry!!


Sulfuric acid probably is the most important industrial chemical of modern time. In production, it is the largest volume chemical produced in the United States. Most sulfuric acid manufactured in the USA is used by the fertilizer industry for making phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizers. Sulfuric acid has numerous applications. Some major uses include extracting ores; pickling metal; making explosives; manufacturing dyes, glues, and parchment papers; producing nitric and other acids; purifying petroleum; preparing metal sulfates; and synthesizing many organics. Sulfuric acid also is used in lead storage batteries for automobiles. Sulfuric acid is used heavily in sulfonation, estertification, oxidation, dehydration, and acid-base neutralization reactions. Sulfuric acid is a common laboratory reagent used for laboratory preparation of a large number of salts; as a dehydrating agent; as a component of chromic mixture for cleaning glassware; and in acid-base titration. The acid has been in wide usage in various industrial applications for more than two hundred years (Patnaik P. 2003, Handbook of Inorganic Chemicals, McGraw-Hill).



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